For such a small island, you’ll be surprised to discover just how many different things you can get up to.

By Land

Joining one of the regularly organised nature tours is merely an induction.
After that, the island and its inhabitants are yours to discover.

Rise early with the rangers, to tally tracks of egg-laying sea turtles on the beach, or scout the forests for magpie robins and paradise flycatchers to learn more about breeding and tagging projects for these critically endangered birds. You can also discuss with the Green Islands Foundation rangers about current adoption programmes available and other ways you can contribute to the cause.

For a more relaxed experience in which to get to know the island and its inhabitants, a simple stroll or bicycle ride can reveal plenty: century-old tortoises, the island’s poultry coops and animal pens, the chapel, the staff lodging (a community in its own right), and much, much more.

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By Sea

In constant earshot wherever you might be on the island, the sea is always calling.
A swim, a snorkel or something more: the sea around Denis is officially protected, and for good reason.

We provide snorkelling equipment and kayaks and paddles for you to explore the island’s surrounding lagoon to your heart’s content. The waters around Denis have enjoyed officially protected status by the Seychelles government, making it a no-take zone and off limits for fishing. The reefs in the lagoon are thus teeming with tropical fish, turtles and other colourful forms of marine life.

Should you wish to venture further and enjoy more time – and greater depths – underwater, our PADI dive centre offers a range of different dive sites to choose from, as well as certification courses for beginners.

We can also organise true catch-and-release sport fishing for you, with a boat charter to “The Drop-Off,” where ocean depths plunge to 2,000km at the edge of the Seychelles plateau: hallowed waters for prized catches of big game. There are also excellent opportunities for bottom-fishing grouper or Seychelles’ famous red snapper, and should your catch meet our conservation requirements (juveniles are returned to the sea), it may also be possible to turn your fish over to our chefs to prepare something special in the kitchen.

Nature’s own spa sanctuary

Using only local ingredients, our spa offerings are as unique as Denis itself,
made even more so given that you won’t find an actual spa on the island.

We bring treatments to you at your cottage in the open air, and enthusiasts can opt for the Beachfront Spa Cottage, with its very own spa pavilion in the courtyard.

Or, if you truly wish to retreat within yourself amidst the soothing sounds of nature, book an outdoor treatment under the casuarina trees, where you’ll find the only distractions to be the gentle lapping of waves and the occasional chirp of the fairy terns.

Few places could conjure up more creative ways to do absolutely nothing. On Denis, if you’re only compelled to laze away on one of the most isolated, sparsely travelled beaches in all the world, no one will judge. Call it breathing practice.

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